The Madness of Lone-Wolfing in Activism

upside down feet

Dear friends,

For about three years now, much of my frustration over attending dead-end meetings and missed opportunities to present my housing and employment plan was felt sharply and then expressed vociferously, bitterly. Big mistake.

Connectivity matters so much more to me now, as I have had some time to contemplate the burned bridges lit from loneliness in my approach, in my Philosophy. So many hours and days of madness were experienced because I did not plan how to use persuasiveness to enlist the help of others in the cause, to present an effective front to the bureaucrats, the Press and potential investors.

I forgot that by being so persistent in my communication, that I would be perceived by others as a liability to my own plan, as the potential cause of fear from the very people I could have charmed to come to my aid. Security! Well, not as bad as that, but in my mind, close. 

What is next? There is a trio of projects I am weaving patiently, expertly into a strong launch of a new business model with a social conscience. Allow me to present the projects I am developing and why:

  1. The documentary "A Homeless Voice" was created: It is meant to be shared with others by organizing screenings of it to raise awareness of the universal epidemic that is destitution.

    To give a voice to the plight of the homeless is often a thorny Public Relations engagement. Because I went against the grain in being bold about my own experiences with depression, homelessness and the resulting activism against sub-human conditions in the system that manages poverty, the image of the project has the stamp of accessibility and empathy from any walk of life; anyone can become homeless.

    What is needed: a venue and promotion of its screening. I will meet-and-greet at the event to give a stronger support to the cause.

  2. In a partnership with two photographers, I am art-directing a traveling exhibition to raise funds for the creation of the first prototype of a container home and the program in which its inhabitants will be taught how to make tiny homes as a trade: One tiny home on a property for all to see the concept is what it takes to inspire and attract investment.

    What is needed: a venue and local promotion. Unused commercial properties or community centers and libraries can be accessed to participate in a Public Relations event. Local press will be crucial to its success.

  3. One recent purchase of audio recording equipment will bring forth digital products to sell: custom ringtones and audiobooks, based on the stories I wrote for an upcoming book as well as work from other artists. I am offering my voice at first, but inviting participants in the program to offer their voices will bring a stronger, more unified image of the impact the program has on the inhabitants of the first tiny home program prototype.

    What is needed:
    an e-commerce-ready website to offer and sell the digital products.

  4. Since a property must be the starting point of any colony or program, I'll invoke the aid of churches or other nonprofits with real estate assets to initiate the process of obtaining permits to build a two-story container home and retail showroom, since the first floor will be used as a showroom for the exhibition and sales of the buildings.

Today, I thought about my tendency to lone-wolf in my efforts. That doesn't have to be my choice anymore and by showing full conviction in the plan I have designed, the attraction will finally bring others to the cause. Would you like to join me in the eradication of homelessness?

Send me good energy and stay tuned!



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Image: © Michael VDK/Flickr