Step Four

Grow up! Image by Slade Gibbs

Step Four

Any day is a fine day to engage the diary. I enter a limitless world on paper, but instead of an origami sculpture I am building one with words that grow into phrases and meaning; peace and drama aching to live in the world.

Before today I had reservations about allowing my thoughts and memories to come out and play with my hands. However, my need to change within after our game together compels me to write this story. These words travel through my body in blood, sublimated now to make space for new ones.

One more sigh before I begin. Thankfully, another man holds my hand firmly, without and within forty-three years of skin. His wisdom is the gift from my Higher Power to get me through this step. Cue the music.

© Text: Lucius Bod
© Image: Slade Gibbs

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