A day at the San Diego Central Library

Photograph in a Polaroid format of the San Diego Central Library

The San Diego Central Library offers not only temporary relief from the current heatwave, but a safe place for many kinds of people, mostly the homeless. It's also an excellent place to access resources from housing leads to career assistance, available through their Central Library Metro Career Center. 

During one of my nostalgic moods and very much aware of my depression, I decided to visit the Library to look at and appreciate Art at their Gallery on the ninth floor. At the Rare Book Room also on the ninth floor a collection of amazing historical books dazzles the viewer and it is the host of the display for the World's Smallest Book! Inspiration comes to me from appreciating human achievements.
Photograph of one of the officials at the San Diego Central Library playing chess

How could anyone be sad, when there are games to play at the Library? The possibility of meeting a brilliant new person whilst playing Chess is enticing.

San Diego is one of those cities in a temperate climate zone where layering is the smart thing to do when dressing up. Since most of my clothes come from donation closets and are therefore recycled, I feel better about my role as personal stylist for my own events. 

Orlando Barahona dressed as a colorful samurai at the San Diego Central Library on the ninth floor
Orlando looking at abstract art at the San Diego Central Library Gallery on the ninth floor

Every now and then I have an overwhelming feeling of shame for not being the success I used to be. As I look at my life at the moment, I can say that this maelstrom of programs and hospitalizations has nudged me into pursuing a new career in mental healthcare, but there was also a latent need in me to learn how to be humble again.

One of my personal coping strategies when dealing with my depression is to simply allow myself to be driven by others in public transportation. The cross-section of the population on buses and trains can either appall or entertain, depending on which person decides to open a floor show. The desire to run away from Reality is just another part of me, like the many events of my past and the experiences in places I've been to. Romantic? Absolutely.

Orlando's haircut with the detail of a back ponytail
Orlando and his white leather Nikes
By  the way, hospital scrubs feel like pajamas! Love those things. I also admire the appreciation I receive from a few stylish San Diegans. Most people in this city are style-conscious and that reflects a higher level of Culture.

When I blog, I feel quite like someone whose life is real and present. Far more than an instrument for my cause, it is also a personal diary of all things experienced in my Recovery from mental health issues and substance use.

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