Enlightenment through Modular Origami

Enlightenment via Modular Origami

About Mark Rowe
He has been constructing Modular Origami Polyhedrons for 21 years. He is a Professional Math Tutor, teaching K-Calculus 3. 
Four out of three people have trouble with Math - LOL

He’s been on TV twice because of the Modular Origami Polyhedrons that he makes. 
Mark Rowe's Mathematical Art
examples of Mark Rowe's origami art

To see me him on TV and 100 Videos of his Art please visit:
Youtube Channel:  www.youtube.com/mrowemath77
3dcubed Origami co.www.3ducbedorigami.blogspot.com
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/people/modularorigami
Twitter: https://twitter.com/origamipro1

Thank you for your interest in Mathematical Art!
Watch: Dodecahedron (Grand Master Piece) (Modular Origami)
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